The organizing committee and all partecipants shall respect all the “COVID rules and restrictions” enforced by the Italian government at the time of the race.
The rules are changing over time and may be different in some Italian regions.
At this page You will find all the rules and updates.

At the moment (April 1), the main rules applied in the Colico area (Lombardy) are the following:

  • – It is mandatory to wear a mask in public places indoors. The mask is also mandatory outdoors, except in cases where you are isolated from people who do not live with you.
  • – It is mandatory to maintain a safe distance of at least one metre from non-cohabiting people.
  • – You can leave your house only for work, health or other proven reasons of particular urgency and only within your municipality.
  • – It’s not allowed to leave home between 10 pm to 5 am
  • – Training for national or other important sporting event is permitted, if done while maintaining a safe distance from other people


You can find news and updates starting from here  and here 

The official page with all the rules in effect is here