Upon arrival at the venue, we kindly ask you to observe the following procedure in order to ensure smooth parking operation:

You will be received at (1), in front of the boat berthing area. Here the boats must be unloaded from the trailers as soon as possible.

After that, your empty trailer will be taken over by a committee towing vehicle and parked in a special area (2), to which you will have access at all time.

At (1) you will also be given a special parking pass and then you’ll drive your car/van up to the designated free parking area (RVs). This is the only free and reserved parking area for the regatta (participants, coaches, parents, friends…etc.) during each day of the event, starting from July 31 up to August 8. Please be sure that every vehicle has its own parking pass duly exposed under the windshield all the time. Your boat, the club, the beach and the centre of Colico are a few steps away (as you can see in the picture below)!

-If you have booked a place in the campers/caravans area, at the pavillon you will get your personal camper parking pass and will be guided by a committee car to your assigned place. Places shall be assigned in advance by the committee and will be grouped by nation: we kindly ask you to correctly park your vehicle, in order to respect other’s living space.